Role And Responsibilities Of Ideal System Administrator In 2020

Anything that is remotely related to tech we think of engineers. Especially software engineers. The first phone call we make every time our laptops hang is to that one software engineer friend. We consider them to be fully aware of all tech related problems.

While we cannot take away from the credibility and hands on experience that they have with tech. It is also notable that not all that is technology is a software engineer alone.

In 2020 we have a plethora of goods and services at disposal. Businesses have boosted and become more personalized thanks to the boon of the development of apps in short technology. While there is a pack of best of the minds working round curating them, there is also a sect of people who compliment them.

We talk of the big daddy which is the system. Sometimes praise and sometimes criticise. The system is however the driving factor in any business. The system determines the process and outcome. The value propositions also ride on the same.

The set up and maintenance of it therefore is one of the most crucial jobs. It is this surveillance that guarantees a hassle-free functioning of the system. The system which is the lord of the majority.

There are very specific people who are in-charge of all the operations dealing with looking after the system and they are called system administrators.

System Administrator


The system administrators can be interchangeably called as sysadmins. In 2020, what we observe is that their role is of utmost importance for a company. What is their job description but? They are in full charge of installing, maintaining and supporting servers, responding to and planning for services blackout and other errors.

Whereas, additional duties can include light programming or scripting, as well for systems related projects with project management.

The accounts of the system administrator are considered to be the most crucial. It is the only account that has unrestricted access so anything can be done with the system.

In that lieu, the highly essential skill that is required is problem solving. When the workstation servers go down, it is the sole job of a sysadmin to analyse and restore the functionalities. Even though people might confuse them with the roles of a software engineer, they are not.

2020 has a wide range of tech levied enterprises pitted against each other for greater and better businesses. In such a cut throat environment that dominates the market, it only makes sense that the systems are up to date. The only way this can be ensured is by system administrators.

But the operations that were relevant a few years back are not anymore with technological and infrastructural up gradation. The system administrators in 2020 have a very different role to play altogether –

  • User administration

For every new user to have access to a particular system and its resources, their accounts are required to be set up. Once the accounts are set up, the maintenance of the account and the activities done through it. All of it is handled by the system administrator. Frauds can easily creep in at the digital space in recent times. The sysadmins need to be extra vigilant as a result.

  • Verifying the proper functioning of peripherals

Apart from the software, what comprises the system are the hardware as well. Any anomaly in the hardware can have major consequences as well.

A routine surveillance of the peripherals proves to be an important aspect in the checklist. It also means that in case of a fault, the repairs need to be arranged for and done.

  • Monitor system performance

The system for which sysadmins are a watchdog also needs to look into the performance of it. It is only when a detailed analysis on the performance of the system is conducted that we realise the shortcomings.

As per the system administrator’s analysis which will consider the latest trends and also what the competition is up to. This way the quality of the process will also be kept at. Any problems in the system can also be thus identified.

  • Install software

This is a very vital role of the system administrator. The software can be a newly developed one or an upgrade. It can also be an update of the existing operating system. In an enterprise, there may be some aspects that require staying within the four walls of the company.

Thus, the software is built in such a manner that ensures that confidential matters remain that way. While the development is not in the hands of the system administrator, the role of updating all existing accounts with it is crucial. All the more it adds up to the role of user administration.

  • Backup and recovery

Data today is very liquid. The loss of it is easier than generating it. With such an impending challenge, it becomes a priority that the recovery methods are revisited.

Data is paramount for any existing or emerging enterprises. The loss of which is no less than asset loss. What system administrators have levied up is the provision for data recovery backed by cloud storage’s.

  • Identity Management

Cases of imposters looting company data and hacking into systems have become so common that it is beyond alarming. Password protection and other modes of identity verification have become pertinent for the full proof security of data and assets of any business.

All identification interfaces are curated by the system administrator so that there is no scope of any false entrances in the vicinity of the business.

  • Research

Whether it was a decade ago or now. One thing that remains common is that system administrators need to keep their research intact. The technological space is booming and how.

In order to be able to provide the optimum kind of service to the business, it is imperative that thorough research on trends is done. One of the distinctive qualities of a system administrator is how well are they aware of the industry’s changes and progress.

Like every other profession, skills are a given for a system administrator as well. But one thing that sets the game apart is that of the tech. Many appreciate the artists but few, the captain of the ship.

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