10 Ways Cloud-Based Solutions Necessary For Business Growth

In the past few years, a dramatic surge has been witnessed in the number of companies who opted for a cloud-based solution to leverage their business. The ubiquity of mobile devices and broadband internet access have made cloud computing a viable alternative for businesses worldwide.

The technology that started with using applications on local machines slowly transitioned to hosting the same on remote cloud location. In fact, several studies suggest that businesses which adopted cloud-based solutions experienced around 20% growth over competitors who are non-cloud computing users.

Cloud-based solutions are computing services offered to businesses to facilitate data storage, access to web-based applications, easy backup, remote work facilitation, automatic syncing, etc. Here are the 10 Ways Cloud-Based Solutions Necessary For Business Growth.

There are three layers in cloud computing – Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Applications/Software as a Service (SaaS). Gradually, cloud based-solutions are becoming the new normal because it provides businesses the opportunity to small businesses to access high-end technologies, that were earlier restricted for use by large IT companies only.

Cloud-based solutions are the ultimate tool that contributes to the cash flow, productivity and efficiency of your business, and some of them let you save money as well. Additionally, there are many more advantages of cloud-based solutions for a business, and we will take you through all of them one by one.

Improved Cybersecurity

For companies that store their data at the local level, lost laptops and storage devices could cause a major problem, and the cost a company would have to incur to recover all this cost is huge.

However, companies which opt for cloud computing can store all the data in the cloud, which makes it easier to retrieve data whenever necessary, without worrying about a storage device or machine.

Easily Scalable

Cloud services offer the option to increase or decrease resources as per requirement. If you are an eCommerce business that is growing rapidly, you need to scale-up your services in order to accommodate more traffic and users, by using the cloud platform.

When there is no requirement, you can reduce the resources by scaling-down. Operational flexibility is the most important feature of cloud computing that benefits thousands of businesses.

Easy Disaster Recovery

In order to survive in today’s digital world, there is no doubt that businesses need to thrive on disaster recovery strategies and an active data backup to protect the valuable assets of the company. Whether there is a power failure, natural disaster, or any other crisis occurs, your data would be stored in the cloud.

Therefore, there is no threat of data loss, as it has been stored in a safe and secure location. Generally, it is difficult for small businesses to afford expensive on-premise disaster recovery systems. In this situation, the role of cloud-based storage solutions comes into play.

Access To The Best Technologies

Access to some state-of-the-art tools and technologies is one of the biggest advantages of cloud computing, as earlier, it was only limited to the large companies. Today, even small businesses can compete with the bigger organizations and disrupt the market successfully.

Enhanced Efficient Collaboration

With the introduction of collaboration in cloud computing, businesses are able to mingle across  geographical or organizational borders, and people belonging to different teams can edit, upload, or access the same data and documents from anywhere and at any time.

Therefore, virtually there is a real-time collaboration, which ensures that teams iterate more efficiently and complete their deliverables quickly. Collaboration within the team members is a critical foundation of business success, and as the remote workforce continues to grow, cloud computing is an effective solution.

Increased Cost-Effectiveness

Opting for a cloud-based solution means that you pay for only the resources that are utilized, instead of investing on expensive hardware.

Choosing a pay-as-you-go plan helps in reducing infrastructure and operational costs as you do not have to buy or maintain networking equipment, processing power, or extra physical storage. The ease with which a cloud infrastructure can be set up by automating processes, makes it more business friendly.

They Are Environment-Friendly

Adopting a cloud-based solution is seen as an environmentally friendly practice by socially responsible organizations, rather than investing in on-site servers. Contrary to their on-site server counterparts, cloud-based solutions require less space and infrastructure.

Switching to cloud-based solutions means that there would be more efficient operations, less manufacturing of hardware, and minimal discard or recycling of hardware.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Companies that use cloud computing platforms to scale-up or scale-down their resources, only the server capacity needs to be changed. Since a certain part of the energy is used in this process, the chances of leaving large carbon footprints gets reduced to an extent. This would not have been possible if the cloud computing platforms were not developed.

Ability To Launch New Products

Unlike the traditional software development cycle, in which the product has to go through a long and time-consuming process of going back and forth amongst development, cloud computing has made the cycle more efficient.

Developers do not have to worry about infrastructure demands or maintenance, rather they can concentrate on testing, building, and deploying the application. In fact, updating and releasing new versions frequently, empowers workers to be more productive as enhancements in software can offer immediate upgrades to existing features.

Expand To New Markets

Earlier, businesses had to hire a physical office space, and rely on a Managed Service Provider (MSP) to set up the infrastructure of your firewall or network. However, with businesses going virtual, and no requirement to rent an office space, all you need to do is train your employees on how to use their existing cloud infrastructure. This approach can help you save your money, which can be used in strategic initiatives, marketing, sales, or venture into a new market.

As you could see, with cloud-based solutions, businesses get access to a host of benefits that traditional solutions can’t provide.

However, with the rise in the adoption of cloud computing solutions, studies also state that organizations have started reporting doubts regarding the security of cloud-based solutions.

They are looking forward to resolving these compliance and security worries by extending the organization’s policies to data in the cloud. This would enable more organizations to benefit from the advantages that cloud computing services can offer.

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4 Emerging Tech Trends to Drive Your Business in 2022

Today, technology is developing at the most rapid pace, thereby producing the most patent filings as well as capital for ventures. The recent developments in tech have introduced us to the Internet of Things (IoT), jet-speed breaking in connectivity through 5G, and next-level process automation and virtualization.

However, with this rapid growth in technology, a lot more have evolved, owing to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. This makes IT professionals curious to understand their role in designing and developing technologies that would be relevant in the contactless world tomorrow. Not just that, with this acceleration of all things digital, companies and executives have to know which technology trends matter the most.

As per the entrepreneur and futurist, Peter Diamandis, within the next decade, the nation is going to experience progress in technology that is going to surpass the advancements made in the past 100 years in totality.

This is because of the fact that technology is ought to restructure a lot of industries and domains, including energy, transportation, and health and materials sciences.

This is going to have broad implications for enterprises as value chains are going to be affected due to the combination of 3-D or 4-D printing with next-generation materials. This would eliminate the demand for spare parts as manufacturers would be able to meet the needs that suppliers fulfilled previously.

Not just that, retailers would be able to combine immersive and spatial computing, sensors, AI, computer vision, and augmented reality to attract customers by offering video game-like experiences.

Have you ever thought what it would be like if a fully automated finance function in your company would gain control over science-based industries like pharmaceutical or chemical through virtualized R&D functions? Well, that day is not very far away!

However, the way in which your company adapts to these new heights of rapid innovation is going to be the gamechanger.

In order, to do so, it is imperative to stay updated with the trends in technology and understand their applicability across industries. Henceforth, we take you through the top emerging tech trends that can drive your business in 2022.

Robotics and Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the technology that facilitates automation of jobs. It is a software used for dealing with data, interpreting applications, replying to emails, and processing transactions.

The arena of robotics has been introduced to us ever since more intelligent automation took off, and gradually it started being used in the manufacturing and healthcare industry.

Nowadays, what we see are mostly hard-to-program stationary robots, but with this emerging trend, it won’t be difficult to develop Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR), that are stationary robots on the move, and programmed with machine learning.

If predictions are to be believed, Forrester Research estimates that 230 million or 9% of the global workforce would have to face the threat to their livelihood. Not just that, it is believed 6 out of 8 million robots shipped worldwide would be mobile, thereby constituting 75% of it.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning

The developments that the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning has made in the past decade has created a lot of buzz. This new technology trend has the capability to generate notable effects on our life in the form of how we live, work, and play.

Image and speech recognition is one of the most important factors that has helped AI gain superiority in the market. Additionally, navigation applications, ride-sharing apps, and smartphone personal assistants. As an emerging trend, AI would be used in the future to analyze emerging interaction that would determine underlying insights and connections.

It would assist in assessing the need for a particular service, thereby enabling organizations to study the changing pattern of behavior within customers and taking well-informed decisions about resource utilization.

As the domain would spread its wings across sectors, a lot of employment would be created in programming, development, maintenance, support, and testing. Currently, the  global spending on cognitive and AI systems is $57 billion, and by 2025, the AI market is predicted to reach $190 dollars.

Machine learning is a subset of AI, that along with automation and AI is predicted to create 9 percent of new U.S. jobs by 2025. This would increase the demand for data scientists, automation specialists, robot monitoring professionals, content curators, etc.

Blockchain technology

Whenever we think about blockchain, the first thing that comes to our mind is cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. However, in reality, it is much more than that, and effectively offers security. To explain blockchain, it would be best to say that it is the data to which a user can only add to, rather than taking away or changing, thereby making a chain of data.

Since the previous block of chains cannot be changed, it remains secure. A single entity cannot take control over the data, and there is no involvement of a third-party to validate or oversee transactions. 

An increase in the usage of blockchain has created a demand for skilled professionals, who are well-equipped with web app development, the fundamentals of OOPS, data structures, programming languages, flat and relational databases, and networking.


Till date, the 3G and 4G technologies have given us immense scope to browse the internet. Besides browsing and using data-driven services, the bandwidth for streaming on Spotify or YouTube has increased.


However, with the emergence of 5G technology, this entire internet service scenario is going to change. To start with, people can enjoy cloud-based gaming services like NVidia GeForce Now, Google Stadia, and much more.

Telecom companies like QualComm, Nokia Corp, Apple, Tmobile, and Verizon are working towards launching their 5G applications, and it is anticipated that by 2024, 5G networks would cover 40% of the world.

Everyday, we see multiple technologies mature and evolve all around us. However, these four technology trends that are listed above have the capability to offer promising career potential  not just in the present, but also in the foreseeable future, thereby increasing the demand for skilled professionals in almost every sphere of technology.

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How Agencies can Help Business Move and Succeed Online

The pandemic struck us fast and hard, taking a huge toll on human life and social customs. As a result, a worldwide decline in commerce was looming on the horizon.

However, not even a couple of years have passed since the attack and humanity has already found a feasible solution to combat the economic front thus reinforcing our medical battle-ground.

And that aid came from the boom in technology. While the virus confined us to our homes, it paved the way for technology to change its trends yet again.

As this new Wind of Change is upon us and here to stay far into the future, we are truly at the apex of a digital age.

If so, then it only begs the question why isn’t your business moving online? The key to a successful business strategy lies in its scope at scalability and scaling your business also means creating an online presence for it.

For ‘traditional businesses’ with their brick-and-mortar shops, it’s high time to scale up into the online sphere.

To do so simply means developing a website for your business and hosting it online.

To that purpose, there is a host of tools and agencies that provide various related services, and hosting your web is one; if not the most important. For businesses that already have an e-commerce shop (which is your website) the answer to your scaling may often lie in website migration.

How agencies can help business move and succeed online

In this article, we are going to look at how agencies that provide online tech support to businesses can help their clients to create a successful business in the new age.

The most invaluable aspect of a successful online business is your e-commerce website and the hosting provider where that site is hosted. This is the first step towards opening an online shop.

Once your website is built you will need a server that will host your website and that is where a hosting provider comes into the picture.

There are many hosting providers available today. If you are not sure how to choose a web host, you need to ask yourself first what it is that you need from your host.

You need to evaluate your requirements first and then cross-check with the agencies to find the best fit.

If you are hosting your website for the first time it is better to opt for shared hosting plans as they come cheaper than most.

Then again if you are expecting much traffic on your site, you can opt for VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting plans.

If your business is of a reseller and your site would be the same you can opt for the Reseller hosting plans. One of the most widely recognized and recommended agencies in this field.

But then again let’s not do things on hearsay and see for ourselves why they are one of the best in the game:

Recommended for first-time e-commerce businesses

We recommended package for those who are just starting up their e-commerce shop.

With their free website builder, you get access to a wide range of professional website templates that are responsive in the design along with their lucrative hosting plans for your new site.

You can build a website without any technical knowledge with them and get started in no time.

Expert assistance for your

WordPress sites

With a boasting portfolio of WordPress hosting, site maintenance, and monitoring services, you are bound to get expert assistance regarding any and every aspect of hosting your WordPress site.

WordPress techs here work 24×7 handling various WordPress and PHP updates, monitoring, and other technical tasks so that you can focus only on your core business.

Widely reliable website migration services

website migration

We provides website migration services for those businesses who want to get more out of their e-commerce sites.

Most often we find our existing hosting provider has delivered the best of results they can and yet it is not enough to sustain your business online.

It means you need to migrate your website somewhere else and with the best tools at their disposal; this is your ideal choice.

BitNinja protection with DDoS shield for full-proof security

Hosting your website cannot do without robust security and if that was your issue with your old hosting provider, be assured that has the state-of-the-art cybersecurity tools in their arsenal.

Easy touse server security tool like BitNinja is employed here to protect your website against various malware with its strong defense mechanism.

Furthermore, it integrates a DDoS shield that can identify, and suppress every possible form of DDoS attacks on your site.

  • User-friendly cPanel management:

Your web hosting control panel software is what you use for managing the various aspects of your hosting needs. cPanel which is one of the most widely used and quite user-friendly is the choice software here.

You can add domains and sub-domains, emails, databases, and much more from your cPanel hosting account.

  • Round the clock server monitoring with greater network availability

One of the quickest growing web hosting corporations in current market, we proudly employs an experienced team of admins for monitoring your websites round the clock thus mitigating every loss that can incur on your site.

This allows your site to enjoy a staggering 99.99% uptime and allows for greater network availability.

  • Free SSL Certificates with fixed HTTPS mixed contents
free ssl

At higher level when sensitive pieces of information are concerned, with their Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate that comes free of cost, all your sensitive data are encrypted in the most secured way thus letting your business enjoy trusted online transactions.

It is no doubt that the way forward is one of digitization. With that in mind more and more businesses are gaining a foothold in the online sector. So if you are still missing out on all that action you need to get going.

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Work Smarter: Live Chat Best Practices

Is there a sure-shot formula for your business to skyrocket? Well, no, but yes as well. If not a sure shot hack, it’s definitely a consideration.

Even two decades back, most of the businesses especially in third world countries had monopolistic nature. Today, the world is welcoming an open market. Open market means to match the steps with a competitor.

There is one product but several brands to offer the same product. Sometimes, the quality too doesn’t vary much. Then what is the masterstroke? None other than experience, most importantly, customer experience.

The customer is the king in modern times. There are a plethora of options that one has on their plate.

Out of all of them, it is really the customer’s discretion on which service or brand they choose from. Much of this decision comes from how the customer is treated. People today look for two things precisely: on-demand service and customer satisfaction.

The quality is crucial but it can be given a miss by some if they are promised for a better one when they seek redressal.

According to Esteban Kolsky, Founder, ThinkJar, if a customer is dissatisfied then 13% of them will tell at least 15 people that they are displeased with a company’s service.

Especially if you are a company that is hot off the oven, this is murder. The ideal thing is to build your base keeping in mind the likes of your customers. Be it new or old. New businesses need customer testimonials that are organic over social media for footfalls to increase.

On the other hand, the established businesses need the goodwill to be maintained and talked about all over. They would need the customers to become their brand ambassadors.

Many brands have even considered that as an image positioning vehicle as well. Now technology has come to be a big boon and the best of it is that it has multiple options through which a customer or a potential customer feels at home.

A personalized approach is what many people look for and live chats are proving to be ultimate winners in bridging gaps between businesses and buyers. It is the present and is also the future of the customer experience.

Some tactful practices using live chats can prove to be absolutely useful. Few of the best practices with a live chat that businesses can follow are-

Align live chat with business goals

First thing’s first, you need to ask yourself why your business needs a live chat? Is it a type of business that can leverage from a chat system? If they do, then it has to be an omni channel for your business and customer satisfaction.

It can include KPIs, SLAs, customer issue resolution, and reducing shopping cart abandonment. According to CX Trends Report, businesses embed chat solutions for native customers.

This includes having self- service content in an e-commerce website or an embedded live chat window to provide support.

Optimize user experience

Live chat location, access and timing are the three pillars basis which the user experience can be judged. Potential customers draw the basis of their first impressions on what they see on your website.

The website should have a clear indication of where to address in case of any issues. If they are satisfied with the way they have been catered to, depending on the prompt response, or tone or language used, proactiveness, all of them earn brownie points.

Proper intervention and assistance on the customer support chat are well appreciated among potential customers. The frequently your team can extend support and suggestions, the fewer chances are of abandoned carts.

You got to be unobtrusive so that you don’t drive away your potential customers. For a budding business or a business that sees a lot of competition, driving away customers is the last thing that should happen to you.

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Good user interface

Good user interface

A website that is easy to navigate and has simple language that speaks the customer’s language will always have a benefit of the doubt.

Your website must speak how supreme the customer is for you. Despite having compelling company stories or uber quality products, it will all fall flat if the customer feels that something is off with the environment.

Chatbots and a dedicated team will be wonderful to serve all existing and potential customers and make them feel special and important.

Not just that but you can also embed a pop-up chat box that opens the moment a potential customer lands on your business page.

Staffing requirements

Go for seasoned and experienced agents as they may be well versed with a live chat feature, chat routing, turn of calls, etc.

An agent who holds a better understanding of the process will inherently serve better and bring business. If you hire a novice agent, make sure that their training includes all basics.

Make them familiar with the chat software, language training, how to conduct research on the customer’s chat history, ticket issue, and resolution.

Sometimes there is a mingle between agents and chatbots. Agents pick on from the data and information that is shared by the chatbots.

An agent must inculcate the understanding that repeating the same stream of information will only lead to frustration which will turn off the customer.

Build a chat workflow

A workflow is a masterstroke to ensure that your customer support system is on point.

The process includes ticket escalation path, agent assignment plan, and real-time monitoring, and channel management.

Monitor and improve

There is always a scope of improvement. You must as a business owner have a team in place that will purely look at the live chat analytics and device any improvement plans.

Using this data, average wait times, customer satisfaction, and agent performance can be determined and outlined for the scope of improvement.

Once the live chat is up, it needs a close watch. Before that what’s essential is hiring the right team of agents, establishing the right objectives, training, and workflow creation are the main aspects.

The rest will be on keeping the objectives that were laid out in place.

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