Digital Vs Traditional Marketing

Digital Marketing Vs. Traditional Marketing

Every entrepreneur will come across with the confusion, whether to go with traditional marketing strategy or digital marketing strategy. Every startup company has to think of its budget, time allotment for marketing/branding and target audience.

Traditional Marketing consists of print media i.e. flyers, brochures, magazine ads, newspaper ads, etc. and the other one was broadcast media that include TV ads and Radio ads. The main drawback of this strategy is cost, we require hundreds and thousands of dollars to do TV ads for printing, etc. Using this strategy, we cannot actually target the right audience who is actually interested or searching for our product or services. The main drawback with traditional marketing is interacting with the visitors and what actions they are taking by seeing your ad, cannot be tracked. To overcome all these drawbacks, digital marketing techniques is the perfect strategy for marketing.

In Digital marketing we can target relevant audience with minimum cost, better reach and interact with the visitors. An online presence can be maintained of your business through websites, social media sites, banner ads, Google ads, content marketing, YouTube ads, and video ads, etc. In digital marketing, ads are shown to the audience who are actually searching for your product or services they need. To capture these prospects we use strategies like Google Adwords, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter campaigns according to the need.

Digital marketing has cost-effective strategies for marketing. In digital marketing, we can track how the visitors are interacting with their website and ads. We can interact with our audience and engage them with our ad on Google and social media websites. After analyzing the behavior of the visitors, proper measures we can take for future marketing strategy and for better ROI.

Well, the digital promoting has evolved substantially and it will no additionally be referred to as a streak craze, a purported digital promoting agency allow us to see what specifically are those benefits that are tilting the dimensions in favor of digital promoting.

  1. Optical focus

As a product vendor, would it not be a sensible plan to approach an interested customer instead of a random group of people? Digital promoting campaigns are extremely targetable with the main target clearly on users who are inclined towards buying a similar kind of product or service. However, in traditional promoting, the campaign is generic and no specific group of users is targeted.

  1. Price effective

Are you aware of how much it costs for a primary advertising slot during your favorite sports match or a long-awaited film premiere on TV? Or for that matter, the price of an ad in a very banner a newspaper is mindboggling. Compared with these prices, the promotional material campaigns through the web or social media are extremely cost-effective, considering the results it can deliver.

  1. Measurable results

As we talk of results, it is not nice to invest in a marketing campaign whose results can be measured? Digital marketing allows you to determine the measures in real time and presents you a beautiful chance to refine the strategy and improve the results.

  1. Global focus

With a click of a button, your ad material campaign will extend from the road you live up to the farthest place within the earth. Yes, through digital promoting you’ll be able to choose a localized or global campaign with the same efforts and strategy. Unfortunately, it’s solely potential through traditional media.

  1. Direct connection

One of the reasons for the success of digital marketing is attributed to its large ability to connect directly with shoppers. Be it through social media engagement or different digital platforms, the interaction between client and service provider is beyond match compared with traditional marketing avenues.

  1. Equal rights

How about launching your product and competitive with a well-established firm? The only successful route through which it can be achieved is digital marketing because it provides a level playing field for both.

  1. Real-time results

Are you aware that while using digital marketing, it’s quite possible in seeing a number of visitors to your website, peak timings or seasons of brisk business, rate of conversions of your ad campaign and more additional details in real time? Believe us, these are ne’er possible through traditional marketing.

  1. Simple fine calibration

One of the advantages of having real-time results is the leverage we tend to get to fine tune the process and achieve better results. As traditional promoting avenues can’t provide real-time data, it’s a distant dream.

  1. Brand awareness

With each growing quality of social media, skilled marketers are finding it easy to spread the word about new product launches and brand awareness. Though it’s potential through traditional media, the main focus can’t be created completely on the target groups.

  1. Less intrusive

Well, lots of people hate receiving phone calls or emails in their post boxes about the products towards which they need the least inclination. As online media presents wonderful opportunities to opt, they’re undoubtedly less intrusive than the other media.

The list can go on and that we would ne’er get tired enumerating the advantages of digital marketing.


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