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Skyrocket Your Revenues with White Label Support Services and Solutions

In the digital world, every agency owner finds it a very difficult task to handle everything from websites and marketing campaigns to reputation management and social media.

Moreover, as the local businesses are continuously finding themselves in need of growing marketing assemble it becomes hard for keeping track of all your clients’ and their requirements and demands.

We are in an age where many local businesses are always in search of more marketing contributions from fewer partners in order to juggle as fewer companies and contracts as possible.

This makes it difficult for a business to focus only on what they do best. It is here that White Label solutions like the software(s), services and products play a major role in transforming an incomplete business into a full-service providing agency.

But what is a White Label Solution and what does that mean? In its simplest terms, a White Label solution is a product or service that you can rebrand and resell as your own product to your clients.

In order to understand the concept of White Label solutions let us take an example of Company A and Company B.

Say Company B wants to develop a website and assigns the project to another organisation namely Company A. Now Company A will finish the project and hand over the product to Company B.

Company B will now rebrand the product under their brand and resell it to their clients. Thus it can be seen that Company A is technically the brains behind the product while Company B is the face of the product.

The most significant benefits one can gain from availing these solutions is bringing scalability to their business is by scaling up their revenues.

The basic definition of the term White label solutions can explain how it can help to scale up your revenues as you are rebranding and reselling products that were developed through outsourcing.

This means the cost of manufacturing becomes significantly less and profits from reselling the product become quite high.

So now that we know what White Label solutions are and how they can benefit to improve revenues, let us look at what these solutions are and what genres they are available in.

9 White Label Solutions for better revenues :

1. White Label Social Media Marketing

Various social media services such as managed posting, business management, campaign designs along with social media content creation compile White Label Social Media Marketing Solutions.

These are available for rebranding and then can be sold by resellers while keeping their own price tag over the products.

2. White Label Website Solutions

Any website related service or product that can be rebranded and sold as their own by a reseller can be grouped under White Label Website Solution(s).

Services enveloped under this genre may include website hosting reseller programs, web design services that can be rebranded as well as website add-ons that can be resold.

Design and development services provided by third parties are the most common form of White Label Website Solution. Once again these products are sold by resellers with their own price tag.

3. White Label Digital Advertisement

In general, White Label Digital Advertisement encompasses various digital advertisement solutions like advertising platforms and reports, campaigns and/or products.

These are again of course rebranded by resellers and sold at their won price point to local businesses. It must be noted that digital advertising is generally categorised under marketing services and for that reason the most common form of a White Label solution in this field is service fulfilment.

This means a reselling agency can partner-up with a white-label service provider in who will design, develop and maintain the digital advertising campaigns for the resellers and they, in turn, can sell it by branding the product under their banner.

4. White Label Email Marketing

Simply put any email marketing platform built by a white-label service provider to resellers so that they can rebrand the product and sell it under their own pricing schemes can be termed as a White label Email Marketing solution.

A white-label email marketing platform can be rebranded by customising with the reseller brand and sold to local businesses like any other white label solutions we have seen so far.

5. White Label Mobile Apps

With the ever-growing digital world, it is no longer sufficient for local businesses to maintain a website presence only. With the active and spontaneous shift towards mobiles, the necessity of a mobile app for these businesses is very apparent.

As businesses in this modern world of marketing want to reach the clients where they live a mobile app is a very clever idea as according to researches 90% of the time spent on mobiles by us is devoted towards using an app.

Additional overhead costs always come into the scenario as app development is a complex process. By outsourcing, this task businesses can effectively cut costs.

White Label Support and Services SNWN
White Label Support SNWN Infographics

6. White Label Reputation Management

Products that deal with the online reputation of a business and reviews are termed as reputation management service.

Such services that can be rebranded and resold by reseller companies are what we call White Label Reputation Management Solution.

That said, only a few aspects of reputation management services can be white-labelled.

While softwares for monitoring the reputation of a business can be rebranded whereas review response and review generation services fall under a white-labelled fulfilment option.

7. White Label SEO

Like every other service we have seen so far, White Label SEO is nothing but SEO solutions and platforms that can be rebranded by reseller companies and sold at their own price.

White Label SEO Solutions are specifically designed to fetch local business clients found on SERP and increase the visibility of the businesses.

White Label SEO options can include both managed fulfilment products and SEO software that clients can use to manage their optimization processes manually.

8. White Label Graphic Design

White Label Graphic Design solutions include custom-designed projects that a reseller can brand as their own and sell under their own price tag.

This is generally offered by a specialist graphic designer and/or design agencies specializing in graphic designs. It can be also so that the graphic designers from a white label provider work directly with the end client but under the shadow of a reseller company who is branding the service as their own.

9. White Label Content Creation

In the case of White label Content Creation Solutions, copywriters generally provide the written content for rebranding by reseller clients who in turn provide them to local businesses under their own pricing format.

It can be social media posts, blogs, website copies and any other form of digital written copy.

This particular service can be offered in various ways. It can be a one-time purchase for example a blog. It can also be an ongoing service like a specific number of social media posts per month.


We have thus seen some of the most popular White Label Solutions for boosting your businesses’ revenues. So check out the various white-label providers out there, choose the solution and pricing plan that suits your needs the best and get started on booming your business over your competitor.


How white label tech support can help your business gain its momentum?

The term ‘White label’ was first coined from the image of a white label that appears on the packaging of products. You fill in the details of your product on a white label. Outsourced phone services do the same thing.

A top-notch white label tech support service can help you accomplish expert technical skills and excellent customer service customized to your needs, at affordable pricing.

Customers are without a doubt the biggest assets of an organization. Ensuring customer delight is the ultimate goal that can lead to business success. But, what exactly does it mean?

Customer delight is not just about making them say a “Thanks”; rather creating a “wow” factor to the customer, with your services. An excellent white label tech support can make it a part of your company culture. An exceptional customer service experience not only exceeds your customers’ expectations but also affect them in the most positive way.

Challenges that agencies face while offering support

Challenges with support

Offering support services to clients may not be the primary or even secondary capability of a web agency (or business) but they need to do it none the less. Setting up a support team can also definitely drive business costs to go up considerably, and would require some shifting of focus from the core business areas as well.

Furthermore, subject matter experts might be called upon, from time to time, to get involved with tasks and issues that would be totally unrelated to their areas of expertise and that may lead to a less than satisfactory result from the customers’ point of view. On top of that, raising an entire support in-house comes with a significant learning curve attached to it.

White label tech support and its benefits

Here, we will look at 5 ways how having an efficient white label tech support team can help your business to grow more:

  • Focus on your business

With an efficient tech support team to assist you, you are likely to get more time to focus on your core business activities better. Support calls take away your focus from the core business activities such as sales or marketing, product engineering, etc. With a top-notch tech support team, you need not worry about customer support, as tech support teams working as an extended arm of the agency, can address all the support requests from clients, site performance of the servers, and security issues while ensuring the desired outcomes are fulfilled.

  • Minimize cost

Offering competitive 24/7 tech support is costly. It includes various costs such as salary, infrastructure costs, utility costs, accounting costs, and more. Hiring services from a white label support provider can help you minimize the costs incurred in staff and infrastructure because they generally do this by sharing the facilities with multiple companies.

  • Compete with market leaders

By providing a pleasant customer experience, your support team can boost your company’s branding as well as client base. This would send out more references from your client base and effectively widen it. Furthermore, large businesses can provide a wide range of costly tech support, which borders on the impossible for small businesses. However, with a white label tech support that is at the same time cheap yet efficient, your business can easily compete with the forerunners of the field, although this would require time and dedication.

  • Round the clock support with increased uptime

A good and well-established customer service should be able to deliver round the clock support. Let’s say you are out of the office or busy with other calls, or even if your power or phone is down, your customers cannot reach you. This would definitely create a negative impression of your support services to the customer. With white label tech support, you can positively avoid this kind of a situation as these support teams are equipped with solutions to all of these problems and can thus provide 24/7 customer support.

  • Web hosting expertise

Web hosting comes with service disruptions ranging from PC and ISP issues to server and network issues as there is no avoiding these issues; it is a packaged deal. Some of the common web server issues include directory password protection issues, enabling cron tasks, etc. With an efficient tech support team, handling hundreds of support calls per day, they can also easily and quickly isolate the problems and fix them.

A tad bit more

I have discussed the benefits you can get from having a white label tech support team and how it can help you gain business momentum. However, I would like to add a tidbit about how you can actually gain customer delight because that is the main thing that can boost your business momentum.

Steady quality support is what brings about real customer delight. Quality, more often than not, refers to a set of standards or measurements for the service. And meeting these quality standards can ensure customer delight.

Here are some steps to ensure that:

  • Primarily, the basic support functions need to be executed properly. This means fulfilling customer expectations by providing timely and error-free solutions.
  • A vital aspect is to perform an in-depth analysis of the problem and coming up with an absolute solution to it, rather than providing a makeshift band-aid solution. Customers do not like to face the same problem again and again.
  • It is essential to prevent any issue from happening or to avoid repetition of the same problem and in order to do that performing proactive tasks is important.
  • Customers should be handled in a more compassionate manner and provided with a more personalized solution helps win them over.

A ‘delighted’ customer will feel the positive experience and remember it., talk about it to others and will definitely come back for more. All in all, having a white label tech support will help you in all these manners.