How to Create a Successful Digital Marketing Strategy

Since the dawn of digitization in almost every sector, businesses have been inclined towards the internet even more.

It has given birth to a new perception of marketing in today’s world which we call digital marketing.

Earlier, the rules of marketing were confined to suggesting to the audience about a product, however digital marketing, found a new definition.

According to a survey from the digital hangover, it is predicted that by 2022 international media advertising would reach a staggering 53.9% of total media outlays.

Similarly, gathering the correct traffic has also become relatively tough. This is why creating a successful digital marketing strategy is crucial for any online business.

Before we lose ourselves further into detail, let us familiarise ourselves with the basic jargon for better comprehension.

Understanding Digital Marketing

Digital marketing refers to the concept of brands promoting their services or products through the internet or in any other form of electronic communication.

The form of digital communication can range from anything like social media to text, or basic multimedia messages. Digital marketing often focuses on attracting a portion of customers who are in search of similar products or services.

A business can use multiple online platforms to reach out to its customer base or might even focus on attracting clients through a single digital channel.

Digital marketing is carried out by both B2B and B2C types of companies. B2B digital marketing customers often face longer decision-making processes and are mostly targeted to build relationships between the brand and the customer. 

On the other hand, B2C strategies often focus on limited period offers and conversations ensuring small sale funnels.

What is a Digital Marketing Strategy?

A digital marketing strategy refers to a series of pre-planned courses of actions that are or must be carried out digitally to reach business targets.

Simply put, these are plans or actions carried out at the right on single or multiple suitable channels to attract customers, increase revenue and build a good relationship with your customer base.

Why is it important for e-commerce business?

While we read testaments about all the successful businesses that were transformed due to the bountiful blessings of digital marketing, we often forget the How and the Why.

How does it help your business? Here are some of the main reasons why digital marketing is important for your e-commerce business:

Learning more: Digital marketing is an ever-learning process. While formulating a strategy, in-depth research about changing market trends, audience expectations, etc is very important.

Planning a digital marketing strategy gives you an amazing opportunity to learn more about the dynamics of online businesses.

Accurate Data: After implementing your strategy, it gathers valuable data that helps you to understand what works best for your company.

With such insights, you can further come up with upgraded actions that ensure the growth of your online business.

Gives structure to your plans: Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing prevents us from making blind guesses which is a great risk for our businesses. A good digital marketing strategy provides a framework to your business helping you unlock the complete potential of your business with a strong presence online.

A structured plan not only eliminates errors but also helps you identify weaknesses and problems, thus improving your ROI.

A step by step guide to creating a successful digital marketing strategy

Every business demands a different approach while planning strategy. One should always keep their options open and look for ways to upgrade their business plans to have a successful business.

Moreover, we have created a list of tips that might help you to plan an efficient digital marketing strategy that resonates with your business :

In-depth research and SEO Optimization

seo factors

The very first step to a successful strategy is to begin at the roots. If you have content that has the potential to achieve higher in the google ranking algorithms, focus on strengthening your SEO strategy instead.

Moreover, plan your content complying with the Google algorithm to rank higher in the listings.

Make sure your images have smaller sizes which ensures a fast and easy page loading. Linking with reputed pages is important to build trust and have a good online reputation to attract customers.

Another important aspect of a successful strategy is collecting data. While planning, gaining knowledge about the market dynamics is important and the data collected from analyzing the strategy helps you understand what works best for your product or services.

Knowing your audience

Every niche product or service attracts a certain portion of the demographic. This is why building a presence in the online community is important to identify regular customers.

Also, we need to collect data based on their preferences, purchasing history, etc helps you analyze the products or services that work best and how to improve customer service.

Generate Leads

Generating and nurturing leads is also an important part of a successful digital marketing strategy. You can gather leads by introducing subscriptions which might help you get information about the audience and their contact information like email address, etc.

This provides a scope to communicate with them. After getting a lead, you can keep the conversation going with the help of chatbots, emails, etc.

Creating a  digital marketing strategy with SNWN

creating digital marketing strategy

As we have established how SNWN helps to have a successful online business, it is also important to choose the right service provider for the same.

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Sales SEO Social Media

On Page SEO Techniques helps to rank higher in search engines.

On page SEO, what does it exactly mean?

On page SEO is all about, how search engines and users will read your website. There are many factors which are considered for on page SEO like unique page content, unique Meta tags, image ALT text, user-friendly URL, easy navigation.

  • Page Content – Excellent content decides the position in search engine. When visitors visit your website it should be relevant to their search query. Try to write easy to read content with the required information. Relevancy and uniqueness of content decide the position of your website in search engine.

  • Meta Tags – Meta tags includes title tags and description tags.

         i) Title tags – It is necessary to keep in mind while writing Title tags that it tells both search engines and users, what the page is all about in short. Title tags are displayed in bold text & the first line in the search result. So try to write clickable title tags so that more people click on it and visits your page. Create unique title tags for each website page.

       ii) Meta Description – Meta description is to write the summary of the page. Write a description for both search engines and users. Users should show interest in your page and clicks on page listing. It is necessary to write unique Meta description for each page on a website.

  • User-Friendly URL – Structure user-friendly URL for every page, which is easy to understand and convey the information about the page  through the URL. This makes it easy to understand for search engines and users.

  • Image ALT Tag – Your website optimization can be done using “ALT” attribute for website images. If due to some reason your website is unable to display images, alt tags give information/text about the image.

  • Easy Navigation – Use easy website navigation so that users quickly understand the website and internal links to other pages very easily. This also helps search engines to understand exactly which page most of the user visits.

  • Robot.txt File – This file tells search engines which page to be crawled and which is not allowed to crawl. Sensitive information of the website, which you think Google should not consider while crawling you can make changes in robot.txt file accordingly.

  • Sitemap – Sitemap is a list of web pages in your website, which search the engines will crawl. This helps
    web crawlers to know more about website pages.


Digital Marketing Vs. Traditional Marketing

Every entrepreneur will come across with the confusion, whether to go with traditional marketing strategy or digital marketing strategy. Every startup company has to think of its budget, time allotment for marketing/branding and target audience.

Traditional Marketing consists of print media i.e. flyers, brochures, magazine ads, newspaper ads, etc. and the other one was broadcast media that include TV ads and Radio ads. The main drawback of this strategy is cost, we require hundreds and thousands of dollars to do TV ads for printing, etc. Using this strategy, we cannot actually target the right audience who is actually interested or searching for our product or services. The main drawback with traditional marketing is interacting with the visitors and what actions they are taking by seeing your ad, cannot be tracked. To overcome all these drawbacks, digital marketing techniques is the perfect strategy for marketing.

In Digital marketing we can target relevant audience with minimum cost, better reach and interact with the visitors. An online presence can be maintained of your business through websites, social media sites, banner ads, Google ads, content marketing, YouTube ads, and video ads, etc. In digital marketing, ads are shown to the audience who are actually searching for your product or services they need. To capture these prospects we use strategies like Google Adwords, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter campaigns according to the need.

Digital marketing has cost-effective strategies for marketing. In digital marketing, we can track how the visitors are interacting with their website and ads. We can interact with our audience and engage them with our ad on Google and social media websites. After analyzing the behavior of the visitors, proper measures we can take for future marketing strategy and for better ROI.

Well, the digital promoting has evolved substantially and it will no additionally be referred to as a streak craze, a purported digital promoting agency allow us to see what specifically are those benefits that are tilting the dimensions in favor of digital promoting.

  1. Optical focus

As a product vendor, would it not be a sensible plan to approach an interested customer instead of a random group of people? Digital promoting campaigns are extremely targetable with the main target clearly on users who are inclined towards buying a similar kind of product or service. However, in traditional promoting, the campaign is generic and no specific group of users is targeted.

  1. Price effective

Are you aware of how much it costs for a primary advertising slot during your favorite sports match or a long-awaited film premiere on TV? Or for that matter, the price of an ad in a very banner a newspaper is mindboggling. Compared with these prices, the promotional material campaigns through the web or social media are extremely cost-effective, considering the results it can deliver.

  1. Measurable results

As we talk of results, it is not nice to invest in a marketing campaign whose results can be measured? Digital marketing allows you to determine the measures in real time and presents you a beautiful chance to refine the strategy and improve the results.

  1. Global focus

With a click of a button, your ad material campaign will extend from the road you live up to the farthest place within the earth. Yes, through digital promoting you’ll be able to choose a localized or global campaign with the same efforts and strategy. Unfortunately, it’s solely potential through traditional media.

  1. Direct connection

One of the reasons for the success of digital marketing is attributed to its large ability to connect directly with shoppers. Be it through social media engagement or different digital platforms, the interaction between client and service provider is beyond match compared with traditional marketing avenues.

  1. Equal rights

How about launching your product and competitive with a well-established firm? The only successful route through which it can be achieved is digital marketing because it provides a level playing field for both.

  1. Real-time results

Are you aware that while using digital marketing, it’s quite possible in seeing a number of visitors to your website, peak timings or seasons of brisk business, rate of conversions of your ad campaign and more additional details in real time? Believe us, these are ne’er possible through traditional marketing.

  1. Simple fine calibration

One of the advantages of having real-time results is the leverage we tend to get to fine tune the process and achieve better results. As traditional promoting avenues can’t provide real-time data, it’s a distant dream.

  1. Brand awareness

With each growing quality of social media, skilled marketers are finding it easy to spread the word about new product launches and brand awareness. Though it’s potential through traditional media, the main focus can’t be created completely on the target groups.

  1. Less intrusive

Well, lots of people hate receiving phone calls or emails in their post boxes about the products towards which they need the least inclination. As online media presents wonderful opportunities to opt, they’re undoubtedly less intrusive than the other media.

The list can go on and that we would ne’er get tired enumerating the advantages of digital marketing.