Cloud Managed Services

SNWN Tech Solution offers cloud managed services enhanced self-style-service to balance the visibility on physical and virtual environments from applications to disk. We are one of the leading cloud service providers assisting customers to study, form, deploy and operate application environments on-place. Along with giving extensive services like managing, monitoring and reporting solutions, and ensures IT standards and policies. Our cloud managed services provide the widest set of solutions in order to build, deploy and control the end-to-end lifecycle of the cloud. It allows the administrators to recognize the linked resources, centralizing, and setup of right-based access, state the service catalog, and related price-back plans. It also delivers the foremost applicable solution and packages to understand, manage, migrate, check and deploy across us, providing full reuse of existing IT operation management skills. We have the leading cloud service providers giving the best scalability, administration, and monitoring capabilities at the best cost.

Software as a service (SaaS)

Our cloud services provides public cloud support services & deliver the latest cloud applications that link the business activities across the organization.

Platform as a service (PaaS)

Our PaaS cloud managed service helps to drive innovation and business transformation engineered with the newest technology that runs everyplace.

Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)

We deliver the best infrastructure services that drive your businesses to run on any work delivered with a completely integrated optimized cloud environment.

Cloud Consulting Services

Our cloud consulting services assist in estimating the cloud requirement as per the cloud support service delivery strategy, which we distinguish the enterprise applications migrating to cloud and define the operating modules, process and technology. We are one of the best cloud service providers around the globe using various cloud assessment tools in our cloud managed services to boost the performance and capabilities of cloud services.

  • Technology Revive Assessment
  • Building Business Case
  • Business Value Study
  • Directory Infrastructure mapping and designing
  • Slot Analysis
  • Evaluating and Estimating TCO / ROI

Our migration and implementation contain creation and empowerment of SaaS/IaaS/PaaS development, migration to public clouds like AWS (Amazon internet Services), OpenStack, Opennebula, Cloudstack and Onapp. Our cloud support services involve support for all levels of cloud lifecycle, consolidation and standardization of the infrastructure environs, virtualization and re-architecture.

  • Migration from heterogeneous platforms
  • Impact Analysis
  • Application Re-arranging
  • Consolidation or Up gradation of Directory Infrastructure
  • Assessment & Configuration of directory-integrated applications
  • Switch over to cloud environment

Our cloud managed services consist of ease, productivity and business agility, which are been delivered with the best. We will brief you transient you on technical design and IT operational impacts, sustainable cost recovery and the way to satisfy dynamic client expectations.

  • Design and architecture your database clouds.
  • Architect ways for Directory Service (GPO, OU Model, Forest/Domain Plan, SSO, RBAC)
  • Planning, Designing, Consolidation, Migration, Directory service Upgrade
  • Infrastructure Operational Plan
  • Business Plan
  • Disaster Recovery System

SNWN Tech Solution has a broad expertise as cloud service suppliers manipulating integrated applications and infrastructure, managing operations with the correct mixture of delivery models. Our cloud support service has the power to understand the challenges and criticality of managing business applications and infrastructure over the cloud environment and can reap maximum advantages of high-quality SLA, guaranteed uptime and zero disruption.

  • Enables self-service provisioning of cloud resources
  • Administration & Management of Directory infrastructure
  • Security Hardening
  • Conduct periodic DR drills
  • Observes cloud infrastructure, watching any combination of supported cloud services — public, personal or hybrid.

Cloud Computing

Our Cloud Computing Services and solutions cover varied cloud platforms like OpenStack, CloudStack, OnAPP, OpenNebula, Eucalyptus etc. We assist you with designing, implementing, and managing your cloud infrastructure.

Our skilled and extremely professional cloud management team provides around the clock monitoring with health optimization for complete compute, storage, Network and Cloud Controller Nodes. We tend to even provide VM level management and monitoring of our cloud support team services.

Our Cloud Management & Setup Offerings

Affordable and low-cost server management services with the best quality.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a collection of remote computing services, additionally called as web services, which makes a cloud computing platform by The foremost central and well-known of those services are Amazon EC2 and Amazon S3. The service is advertised as providing a large computing capacity (potentially several servers) a lot quicker and cheaper than building a physical server farm.



OpenStack is a free and open-source cloud computing code platform. Users initially deploy it as an infrastructure as a service (IaaS) solution. The technology consists of a series of interconnected projects that manages pools of processing, storage, and networking resources throughout a data center that users manage through a web-based dashboard, command-line tools, or a restful API. released it underneath the terms of the Apache License.



OnApp Cloud code permits IaaS on commodities data center infrastructure: using OnApp Cloud, a corporation can create its own cloud, presenting heterogeneous server and storage devices as a single pool of resources which can be provisioned on demand to clients or finish users. OnApp has also been described as "Cloud On-Ramp" code. As well as making cloud hosting infrastructure.



CloudStack is open source cloud computing software for making, managing, and deploying infrastructure cloud services. It uses existing Hypervisor like KVM, vSphere, and XenServer/XCP for virtualization. Additionally to its own API, CloudStack supports the Amazon Web Services (AWS) API and the Open Cloud Computing Interface from the Open Grid Forum



Eucalyptus is a free and open source computer code for building Amazon Web Services (AWS)-compatible private and hybrid cloud computing environments marketed by the company Eucalyptus Systems. Eucalyptus stands for Elastic Utility Computing Architecture for Linking Your Programs To useful Systems. Eucalyptus allows pooling to compute, storage, and network resources.



OpenNebula is nothing but a cloud computing platform for handling heterogeneously distributed data center infrastructures. The OpenNebula platform manages a knowledge center's virtual infrastructure to build private, public and hybrid implementations of infrastructure as a service. OpenNebula is free and open-source code, subject to the needs of the Apache License version 2.

AliBaba Cloud

AliBaba Cloud

With Alibaba Cloud you can add compute power, load balancing and advanced network capabilities to your applications using these essential Alibaba Cloud products. Store and serve unlimited data and objects with Alibaba Cloud’s managed storage and content delivery products and you can build stable and safe networking for your services and it makes easier to manage your data with elastic, secure and reliable databases hosted on Alibaba Cloud.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure

With Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines you can manage and SQL databases while providing high availability and network performance with Load Balancer. You can also create custom mobile experiences. Microsoft Azure allows you to make better decisions and create finer experiences using Machine Learning, Data Lake Analytics & HDInsight. You can create Linux/Windows virtual machines with on-demand capacity in seconds.

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