Continuous availability of data and information is the most important component in hosting business. Any kind disruption to the present flow makes the business stand still and is recognized as a “Disaster”.

We provide Disaster Management Services within the following areas

Security of Data
Disaster Recovery Planning

We study your infrastructure and prepare a Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) accordingly which is a part of detailed Business Continuity Plan. Small and medium business can have problems like Viruses, Worms, DoS, DDoS, Hacks, Malware exploits e., Our DRP begins with preparation of Crisis Management Plan, after consulting with senior management Preparation of Business continuity plan and Disaster recovery plan follows. Periodical updates of the plan, to update the changes in personnel, hardware, software, network facilities, backup and recovery procedures are taken care of.

Helpdesk Support
Hacker Recovery

If your system is in a network and is accessible to more than one who is supremely accountable, your system isn't hacker proof. In other words, your system is as secure as its weakest link. Our highly trained and dedicated security engineers are specialists in recovering a hacked sever from its most clustered chaos state to its normal state. Our sages are excellent in a hacker based disaster recovery services and resolve the vulnerabilities and resolve the vulnerabilities and restore the server to stable and secure state.


High QA Team
Infrastructure Disaster Recovery

This can either be Hardware or software issue in the server or a network issue within the Data Center. Some common instances in this class are hard disk drive failure, breakdown within the DC, Software/kernel bugs etc.

Online 24/7/365
Data Corruption Recovery

Storage or classification system problems will result in information corruption and build it inaccessible. Our in depth data in playacting low level operations and backup restoration ensures economical information recovery.

Key Features

  • Our services provide disaster recovery plans for servers, applications and databases
  • 24x7 Ticket Support with 30 Minutes Support Tickets Response Time
  • We cover all the databases like Mysql , MariaDB , Firebird , MSSQL Microsoft, Visual FoxPro, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server Express, etc.
  • A full backup of your databases and servers is taken on daily basis
  • Our L4 techs are available 24/7 at your service to provide you a full recovery of the latest data which is available in the recent consistent state

Disaster Recovery Schema

Business Impact Analysis (BIA)
  • Identify and isolate key functions
  • Evaluate the negative Business impact
Risk Assessment
  • Estimate the data loss
  • Functionality impairment
Define Recovery Solutions
  • Identify the best potential solution
  • Priorities the tasks
Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Prepare the recovery arrange
  • Team and communication preparation
The Recovery Window
  • Approximate time calculation
  • Window Announcement
Recovery Plan Execution
  • Trial
  • Actual
Post Recovery Operations
  • Testing
  • Optimization
Backup Services
  • Daily Backup
  • Weekly/Monthly Backup

We Offer Disaster Recovery Management

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